Edukativni centar Avalon

Škola stranih jezika Novi Sad, Kać, Šid, Bački Petrovac


Avalon Educational Center was founded in 2004 and since then it  has been successfully building the trust of its clients. The founders are the teachers of the English language with  a long professional experience in teaching and specialization abroad, which is the basic premise for successful realization of program contents with candidates. The headquarters of the Educational Center Avalon is in Novi Sad, in the very center of the city in the contemporary equipped space with library, computers, projectors, interactive boards.

From September to June, Avalon Educational Center offers assistance in the acquisition of foreign languages. Teaching foreign languages is conducted through courses with  periods that are adapted to the candidates’ free time. The courses, depending on the type of program and the needs of the students, last one, four, six or eight months.

Throughout the year AVALON offers the possibility of information, reporting and free diagnostic testing.

In order to achieve high quality in teaching, our professional team of teachers is constantly improving in the methodology of teaching foreign languages. Through clearly defined, internationally accredited and standardized curricula and constant quality control of teaching, we achieve great results.

All these facts guarantee the top quality of teaching as proved by the success of our students.

Our wish is to provide you with a quality supplement to formal primary, secondary and university language education.


Sanja Mijatović Majin and Maja Mihajlović Rakić met at the very beginning of the studies, at the canteen of the Faculty of Philosophy, which is the center of all important events and the source of all relevant student information. Then they did not even imagine that one day, this student friendship, exchange of scripts and preparation for exams, would initiate the idea of establishing ​​Avalon. Little by little, the creation of Avalon, a serious linguistic center, began to emerge  as modeled by European ones, not only by the quality of lecturers and modern interactive equipment, but also by quality programs based on the postulates of renowned professionals in the field of methodology of English language teaching. More than fifteen years after getting acquainted in the already mentioned canteen, their team was also joined by Mladen, a colleague and one of the best students of the generation, who has long wandered through banking waters, and then decided that the profession for which he was educated is still the most beautiful job in the world.

And Avalon story continues to develop and grow on the enthusiasm of these three people, their ideas, dedication, love, creativity and responsibility towards the profession.