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jumping-studentsCEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) je sistem standardizacije ocenjivanja nivoa znanja u cilju uniformisanja vrednosti izdatih sertifikata usled sve veće fluktuacije stanovništva i radne snage u okviru Evropske Zajednice. Sastoji se od ukupno šest nivoa jezičke kompetentnosti označenih slovima (A, B, C) sa potpodelom iskazanom brojem (1, 2).

Odradite naš online test i saznajte na kom ste nivou.

Za više informacija o tome kako EC Avalon organizuje nastavu na svih šest nivoa kliknite na željeni nivo:

A1 nivo

A2 nivo

B1 nivo

B2 nivo

C1 nivo

C2 nivo

A Range of ExamsCEF (The Common European Framework) is a standardized system for the evaluation of levels of knowledge of a language.  The goal of this system is to make the values of certificates attained more uniform as populations and workforces fluctuate throughout the European Community.  The CEF consists of six levels of language competency, marked by a letter (A, B, or C) followed a number (1 or 2).

A1 – Having command of a language at this level means a person can pose and answer concrete questions using simple language, understand labels and basic information, and find his or her way in everyday situations, i.e. at the airport, in a store or restaurant.  In addition a person with this level of knowledge can understand navigational directions and write simple messages.

A2 – Having command of a language at this level means a person can understand clearly presented information and messages, express feelings, desires and thoughts, fill out the “personal information” section of a form, and carry on simple conversations.

B1 – Having this level of knowledge means a person can express his or her opinion on abstract ideas, detect nuances in meaning, and understand informational articles in newspapers and letters.  Further, a person with this level of knowledge can write letters and compositions on certain topics, mostly relating to personal experiences, and express his or her personal opinions about them.

B2 – Having this level of knowledge allows a candidate to carry on a conversation on a large number of topics from both personal and professional experience and about current events.  In addition, candidates can understand detailed information, and express and seek precise information in both oral and written form.

C1 – With this level of knowledge, a candidate can carry on a conversation for longer periods of time and discuss both abstract and cultural ideas with a high degree of fluency and rich vocabulary.  Candidates can also understand complex ideas and argumentation presented in various literatures.  Perhaps the only obstacle to fluency may be on the level of vocabulary.

C2 – This level of knowledge indicates complete mastery of a language, in both writing and speaking.  At this level, a candidate can discuss complicated and sensitive topics without hesitation, and actively use very complicated linguistic structures without any difficulty whatsoever. A Range of Exams